The Perks of Being Me

Sam - 21 - Quebec, Canada - French, English, Spanish, German - Fine Arts student


I loved Drew Barrymore as Armin in the Attack on Titan movie.

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Alyssa Edwards in Pageant (2008) 

I love how the person tagged this pre-coco montrese. 

I was kinda bored tonight, so yeah. First time in drag!

I don’t have all my stuff as of right now. I still need full coverage fondation, eyelashes, eyeliner, blush and lipstick. But for a first time, it’s not so bad!

I love me so bold eyebrows. I was lazy to shave my beard at this hour so: Mathu Andersen style!

Love those wigs also! Two out of four (the other two I own didn’t quite match the eye makeup)

So yeah, don’t be too harsh on me gurlz.

P.S.: The name’s Oktavia Divine. Better remember xox

Hot French-Canadian singer for those interested. Enjoy!


I’m still laughing at this

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